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Welcome to Anahit Massage; Kāpiti Coast!

I have returned 🤸‍♀️

Spain, Germany and Marocco were hot, colorful, vibrant, chaotic and adventurous. Some new experiences and some old challenging family dynamics… We also farewelled my Nana into spirit, which was like a long awaited exhale into liberation.

Now I am very much appreciating the fire place to adjust to the temperature change and morning frost. I hope you all have been keeping well, despite all that is going on (Covid, war, inflation, climate change) and we continue to lift up each other’s spirit and be clear how we want to live our lives most fully.

If you are craving more blissful massages to keep you loved up, warm and centered in your pleasure, email me 😊

My prices will for now remain the same.

A new winter offering:

Candle Light Massage Evenings

Be welcomed into a beautified space with hot tea, lots of candles, music, fire crackling, scents, sensual touch, massage and cuddles.

90min minimum (starting at $360)


Spread love, share hugs and be safe!


Unavailability 2022

September 8th – 12th (Yoga retreat)

Mid December – January (Milford and other tracks 👣 down south)


Intimacy – SWOA 2022 – $250

General availability:

Monday to Friday between 10am and 5.30pm on the Kāpiti Coast

Saturday mornings or weekday evening massages can be negotiated, depending on availability and energy level. Sometimes I ask for a deposit for bookings outside of my general work hours 🙂