What is sensual massage

Touch is a powerful form of communication and transformation. In the midst of our busy lives, it is important to make time to remember that the senses are the source of all physical pleasure – massage is one form of re-sensitizing ourselves to the rich enjoyment they can bring.

And for sure, when we feel sensually alive, we feel great.

Sensual massage is a gentle and flowing type of massage with warm oil that celebrates the senses, connection, pleasure and healing through touch, breathing and the focus of our attention on these sensations.

Tantra and Taoism teach that, maximum arousal is reached during sensual massage – an ancient wisdom to use the power of the mind to deepen and enhance the pleasure of the body.

Not only our most intimate parts but the whole body is covered in pleasure receptors, all of which can be stimulated to give erotic enjoyment. The more involved you become by completely focusing on the touch you are receiving, the stronger will be the feelings of relaxation and arousal.

There are many different types of touch and massage. My style seems to be an ever-developing blend and exploration of relaxation, heightening the senses, energetic connection, intuitive healing, playfulness and slow erotics, accompanied by rhythmic touch and musical journeying

AKA world sounds.

Anathit Pleasure Playlist

If life has gotten too fast, too packed with do-ing and it’s been too long since you felt deeply relaxed and deeply pleasure-filled, this may be a place where you find genuine yummy bliss.

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