Tantra Massage Experience

This is  an offering for those of you who are interested in connecting deeper – to your inner self, your body and your breath/energy, whole body pleasure and to another human soul.

In these sessions we come together on the ground (futon) in my tantra space to let the outside world fall away, connect energetically, learn to stay with the body, move in bliss, explore the senses (smell, taste, touch, sound) and share a variety of tantric breathing and touch practices.

The practices may include stretching, deep belly circular breathing, brief meditation and gratitude, pelvic rocking, heart connection, kundalini visualizations, the 3min game (Betty Martin), chakra chanting, fire breathing, kegels etc to expand our awareness and feeling energies circulate through the body.

A whole body tantra massage for you is the center of these sessions, including lingam(penis)/yoni massage and on request rosebud/prostate massage.

2 hours $500


Personalized Tantra Sessions

If you would like me to individually create a session for you, please email me your needs, curiosities, desires and boundaries.

Some possibilities:

Dom-Tantra –  tantra meets kink / bdsm (eg obedience, sensory deprivation, impact play, foot worship…) I will set the rules for you to submit to. We play safe always, in mutual respect and love.

90min   $ 530

2 hours $ 650

Pleasure  Ritual – exploration of whole body self-pleasure, all senses awakening, watch, feel, taste, learn, explore, be watched, mutual self-pleasuring. Guidance and a range of sensory props and toys will be provided.

2 hours $ 450

Give & Receive – begins with some tantric connection practices (see above) and moving into the roles of giving and receiving massage. Receive with full awareness, give with attention, communicate, learn how to give pleasurable massage. PLEASE NOTE: This offering is at my discretion only

2.5 hours $ 600

3 hours $ 750