Sensual erotic massage

This is a massage with touch and connection to make you feel honored, relaxed, aroused and rejuvenated. Be in for a sensory surprise of various gentle props as a warm-up. With yummy warm oil we will move through grounding, relaxation, sensations, warmth, light touch, flow, rhythm, firm touch, body slides, pleasure & pleasure, joy, orgasm and all shades in between.

Includes Lingam (penis) massage, climax or edging as desired; rosebud massage optional.

60min    $250

75min    $280

90min    $320

120min  $430

Deluxe Versions can include the following extras:

🌟Prostate – male G-spot (internal massage) +$30

🌟Toys + $30

🌟Oral (on you, with condom) + $50

🌟Light B/D/kink/fantasy (foot fetish, restraints, impact/sensation play – please ask me first about any fantasies) + $30-50

🌟 Prostate massage & toy combination +$50

Doubles – Two masseuses, four hands

These can be arranged by pre-booking; I enjoy working with Jules, Maggie and Theo. Share what you are looking for, so we can find the best match!

90min $600

120min $780

Sensual massage for Women*

This massage is a response to a longing for sensual, caring, soulful touch and whole-body relaxation without sexual aims, need for reciprocation or relating to a partner. Warm oil and long flowing strokes from top to toe make for a delicious journey to let go and simply be with your pleasure. 

Includes Yoni massage and body slides, as desired. Yoni mapping is also possible – we will talk beforehand what you are seeking, what feels safe and what I can provide.

90min   $280

120min $350

Inclusion of toys + $20

*[Women include trans-women. I trust that you will know if this massage is for you]

Sensual massage for Couples

This is for all you lovely couples who would like to learn how to slow down, connect and touch each other in a new way. We may honor one partner extensively or you may take turns on the table to experience two pairs of hands on your body. The session can be gently guided by me either with words or intuitive flow. You will leave with ideas how to give and receive the beauty of peaceful, sensual and erotic touch.

🌟 If you both like to experience a full four-handed sensual massage including intimate massages (Yoni/Lingam), please chose the a 2.5 hour option.

Please feel invited to share your desires and ideas beforehand, so we can create the best experience for you 🙂

120min $580

2.5 hours $650

Sacred Sensual massage

Sacred sensual massage is loosely based on Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage with long, flowing, dance-like strokes, often using the forearms and generous amounts of oil. It is a sacred, healing space for relaxation, breathing, sensations, dropping deep and making space for any emotions, sounds and memories that may want to surface. This massage is done nude and directly on the table, which allows for strokes under the body and limbs and an “all around sensation” of touch.

There is no genital touch nor aims of erotic stimulation in this massage.

120min $250

Meet & Greet / Consultation

To meet and greet, get a sense of each other, share a cuppa and the What’s and How’s of a potential massage or tantra session.

45-60min $50

Please note:

Prices are all in-house at a north Kāpiti location.

Out-calls are at my discretion and exclusive to regular clients. Travel fees will apply.


Monday to Friday 10am-5.30pm (Kāpiti location)

Saturdays and evening enquiries are welcome!

Pre-bookings much loved 🙂