A Remote Touch Experience 🙌

Pleasure is essential for our well-being and fuels our joy of life – even if one on one contact and touch is not possible at the moment. So this is a *new* offering born out of the collective pause, tantric scripture, modern technology and my own curiosity.

E-Sensual is a virtual connection in the form of a guided self-pleasuring ritual.

Often when we self-pleasure we focus on only a few (or only one) part of our body. This ritual – like my massage – is a way of awakening pleasure in all parts of our body, from the scalp to the soles of our feet. We will begin with a brief centering meditation, deep breathing and very slow, gentle and playful exploration of your own touch before things get more juicy.

I will guide you as well as participate.

This is hands-on, people: You on YOURSELF and me on MYSELF – not a watch show 😊

What we will need to enhance the experience:

  • Find a cozy, quiet spot in your house
  • Put 1-2 blankets and pillows on the floor
  • Oil – olive or coconut is good – ideally warmed
  • Your phone or computer

Other ideas to include:

  • Candles
  • A blindfold
  • Fabric – anything soft or interesting (shawl, fur, feather, tree branch, restraints…)
  • Toys
  • Small plate of delights (eg fruit pieces, chocolate, raisins)
  • Anything you may want to smell – essential oils, real lemon/mint/rosemary)
  • A glass of wine

Meet me in the Zoom Room (video or audio) 🙂 Please wear a robe!

60min $200

75min $220