Disability Focus

Dear Parents and Carers of People with Disabilities,

The safe and fun exploration of touch, intimacy, and sexuality is a gem in everyone’s life, who feels those desires. I endeavor in making caring and playful experiences happen, where people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities can learn about consent, intimate relationships, safer sex practices, and communicate their curiosities at their own pace and level.

I offer time packages, in which the person and carer can chose how, where, and how much time is spent at any one get together. This may begin with the wish to share a favorite activity, go out for dinner,  or to an event together for an experience of being with a female companion. Holding hands, flirting and cuddles may be part of it when the time is right.

You can get to know me in person and ask all the important questions in a non-binding and confidential consultation meeting. I will also bring my own relevant questions and  provide a summarizing follow up email.

You may also want to have a look here for further information.

Consultation meeting (60-90 minutes as required) $50

Package (five hours) $600

If you would like to make a single booking (or a massage) to begin with, I’m open to negotiation 🙂

Intercourse is excluded from the packages.