This is an invitation to share what kind of pleasure massage session you would like. Individuals and Couples: I’m interested in creating something blissful and unique for you – including Tantra, Kink and Teaching massage.

Below are some ideas and guidelines

Tantric massage Session

This is  an offering for those interested in connecting deeper with themselves and their pleasure. Beginning with some practices such as undressing ritual, circular breathing, stretching, meditation and gratitude, pelvic rocking, heart connection, kundalini visualizations, consent game, chakra chanting, fire breathing, kegels etc – a sacred space to land, open up and feel more.

A whole body tantric massage for you is the centre, including lingam(penis)/yoni massage and if desired rosebud/prostate massage.

2 hours $450

Kinky Session

Massage meets Kink – restraints, sensory deprivation, impact play, sensory play, foot worship, anal play, pegging (strap-on), lingerie (you) and always massage. We play safe, in mutual respect and love. Please share what you are interested in and what your boundaries are…

90min   $ 450

Pleasure  Ritual

An exploration of whole body self-pleasure, all senses awakening, watch, feel, taste, learn, explore, be watched, mutual self-pleasuring. Guidance and a range of sensory props and toys will be provided.

90 $ 450

Give & Receive Session

Receive massage with full awareness AND learn how to give sensual pleasurable touch for the whole body – I will teach you on my body unless you come as a couple. (Yoni massage will be taught in successive sessions). PLEASE NOTE: This offering is at my discretion only and I will need to meet and massage you first

3 hours $ 750

Massage Lesson

If you want to learn anything or everything about sensual massage 1:1 and you are just interested in practicing the giving – this is the session for you. Lessons will build on each other and some material is provided

90min $350